Why Choose a Wooden Fence? 

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Wooden fences are mostly picked by property owners that want to have that all natural look. Wood has a natural and timeless beauty it is definitely elegant when you add it in your yard. 

Wooden fences are also cost-efficient and eco – friendly that is why most people and environmentalist often choose this type of fences. Wood fence is also easy to install and comes with a lot of styles and below are some reasons why you can benefit a lot in getting wood for your fence.

 Wooden Fence


  1. Unlimited Style Options
    Wooden fences are really popular since you can choose a whole lot of lumber to use and each lumber would have its own benefits and purpose and fencing companies will help you explain the options that you can choose from.Aside from the lumber type, you can also choose your style and your hue. Woods are definitely flexible and you can use this fencing anywhere it would suit you may it be just in your garden or for your back yard.  Here are some styles that you can choose from: 

    • Board on board 
    • Split rail 
    • Spaced board 
    • Picket 
    • Stockade 
    • Paddock 



  2. Easy to installIf you want to have a fence fast they fencing companies can finish your wooden fences in a week or depend on the style you requested it to. Wooden fences are very easy to install which means you can have that privacy that you want and security quicker.Contractors would install it and you wouldn’t even know that they are there since there is just minimal disturbance when they install it to your home. Wooden Fence Birmingham will definitely get the fence you want. 
  3. You can have it custom madeAs a customer, you can request how you want your wooden fence would be. You can easily ask them to customize it for you from the styles and symbols you want to emboss, from the height of the fence that you want for your privacy along with the widths. You can also choose the stain that you want to apply to your wood.
  4. Eco – FriendlyWooden fences come from all natural materials resources are everywhere since wood is just their companies make sure that when they get the wood they would plant a new one. To make sure that our environment is preserved. Wooden fences are also great since companies would use preservatives or stabilizers to prevent rot, damage, and pest to go over to your wood.
  5. Cost efficient Since there are unlimited resources for wood and it is all natural wooden fencing is very affordable so you can get a very elegant fence for your property at a very cheaper price so it is really a good investment for your home and maintenance wise all you need to do is wash it off with water from time to time and you are good.
  6. Easy to stainWith wood, you can easily enhance its appearance with just staining it. Then it would really look appealing and can even match your flowers or your outdoor furniture or exterior.  


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